R&D and Product Roadmap

The Cyberfame team diligently develops innovative security tools for researchers and developers, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Deep Insight Visualization

Cyberfame team is working towards implementing a deeper insight into any repository that is scanned. This will be achieved by adding a few additional layers to our repository graphs. The goal is to provide better organizational and codebase visibility to the user, as well as an industry-first feature that allows the visualization of threat modeling and SARIF findings. This document aims to provide a clear roadmap for the implementation of these additional layers.

Layer 0. File Structure Graph

The initial layer that Cyberfame team plans to add to our graphs is File Structure Graphs. This feature aims to provide users with a better understanding of their repository. It is a simple structure that serves as the basis for building more complex layers. The File Structure Graphs will be automatically generated by the Cyberfame app as the central UI/UX element.

Feature preview

Layer 1. AST / Data Flow Graphs

The AST / Data Flow Graphs layer is an industry-first, automatically generated data control flow graph that shows SARIF compliant or human-generated security signals. The goal is to generate a meaningful graph topology from a codebase to indicate vulnerabilities and annotate threat models.
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