Welcome to Cyberfame, a platform for internet scale security reconnaissance and supply chain security analysis.
Cyberfame enables organisations to continuously scan, map, rate and monitor their software supply chain security with internet-scale maps.
Cyberfame’s objective is graph data driven security reconnaissance, security policy design, resource allocation and algorithmic mitigation of supply chain vulnerabilities, especially in the open source supply chain.
Supply chain security, as part of a migration towards shift-left security, focuses on integrating security measures early in the development process, empowering developers to make informed decisions when choosing dependencies. This strategy helps organizations avoid potential vulnerabilities and save time and resources compared to the mitigation of vulnerabilitites in production systems.
By representing supply chains as graphs, users can leverage decades of graph theory for data analysis of the intrinsic graph and network structure in supply chain security and cybersecurity. Also, graphs are beautiful structures.
Graph Theory and Data Analysis are only available to subscribers of the Cyberfame Unlimited Plan, which consists of two core components:
  • Asynchronous, Distributed Scanning, Mapping and Rating with the Webapp
  • An on premise or cloud database and several web and Desktop modules to enable Data Analysis and Graph Theory on the resulting supply chain data.
The cyberfame unlimited plan ships with a database of more than 1,200,000 pre scanned scanned and rated repositories, along with their dependencies.

Essential Features

The Cyberfame WebApp provides a user-friendly interface for security reconnaissance and supply network analysis for both technical and non-technical users.
Dynamic Supply Chain Security Graphs
The WebApp displays security scan results in a dynamic graph, allowing users to explore and analyze supply networks. The graph displays nodes and connections, highlighting security ratings, vulnerabilities, dependencies, and other key data points.
Security Scanning
Cyberfame's WebApp utilizes a growing set of security scanning tools to gather data on assets like websites and GitHub repositories. These tools work asynchronously and in parallel to provide comprehensive security analysis of your supply chain and focus on three areas:
  • Dependency Risk Analysis
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • License Compliance
Security Rating
The WebApp assigns a security rating to each analyzed asset based on scan results. This rating considers factors such as severity of vulnerabilities, outdated dependencies, and license compliance.
Cyberfame is currently in open beta. We invite individuals, organisations & enterprises to join our mission to secure the open source supply chain.
The following guide will help you get started with Cyberfame's WebApp and Graph Database, and provide you with the necessary knowledge to effectively use the platform for your organisation's cybersecurity needs and beyond.